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P Gunasundari BE. Proprietrix of Sri Selvi Indane Gas Agency, at Porur Chennai. Started our Indane LPG distributorship Journey from 25th March 2010. 

• Developed pleasant atmosphere to give secured feel to the customers.
• Developed Good Infrastructure  & well organized person to solve the problems and expectations of customers.
• Quick solution provider.
• Allocated Sufficient and talented staffs with clean & smart work to achieve Sales & all Parameters.
• Making myself (distributorship) Brand in to my World called Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.
Introduced and launched Beyond LPG & NFR showroom on 8th july 2023 by Indianoil officials.
Beyond LPG
Indian Oil Corporation Limited have an exciting business idea that addresses a problem many households and businesses face. 
The concern noticed that customers often struggle to find a wide range of quality products alongside their LPG purchases. That's where the idea comes in. So Indian Oil Corporation wants us to expand our offerings to include popular brands like ITC, Servo, and Dabur, providing our customers with a convenient onestop-shop experience. We will carefully curate the products based on market research and customer demand, ensuring that our customers have access to the best quality products. By offering a diverse range, we aim to become the go-to destination for our customers, setting us apart from existing retailers. With proper inventory management, strong supplier relations, and effective marketing strategies, we can tap into new revenue streams while providing exceptional customer satisfaction. Enjoy our valuable services and benefits and see our transformation in Beyond LPG sales. We Sri Selvi Indane Gas Agency get into a comprehensive solution for all our customers' needs!"

 Limited customer base: 
      The customer base for LPG sales may be limited to households but we extend our hands to sale beyond LPG products to all areas.
                  Therefore, we are expanding into unrelated products like ITC, Servo, and Dabur products.
         LPG sales mainly target domestic cylinders for households and commercial cylinders for businesses in need of cooking gas, whereas ITC, Servo, and Dabur products may cater to a existing and different consumer segment.
         This business idea of expanding beyond LPG sales and offering other products like ITC, Servo, and Dabur products. We took the concept as "Sale in one point"  Called Sri Selvi Indane Gas Agency at Porur, Chennai.